‘The Goodnight Girl’ rehearsed reading – SLAM Kings Cross / 24th April 2017

Last Monday I had the privilege of being in the audience for a rehearsed reading of a new play ‘The Goodnight Girl’, written by Hannah Warsame, and produced by the fabulous ladies of Siberian Lights theatre company.

For those who are none the wiser, Siberian Lights is a company set up in 2015 by four female acting graduates of the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. In their own words the company “kept seeing an astonishing amount of phenomenal women in the industry struggling to get their foot in the door… we set out to build a place where we can celebrate and unite like-minded creatives by giving them a platform into the industry and a playground to flex their acting muscles. Siberian Lights connects a network of talented actors, writers and directors in order to give women a voice in theatre.”

This wonderful piece of new writing gave an emotional insight into the lives of some of Soho’s red light district streetwalkers. The uniformly strong ensemble of actors was led by Francesca Isherwood as Karmen, the star of group, who expertly portrayed both the sensuality and incredible vulnerability of this complex, extraordinary woman. Some welcome humour was provided by Jessamine-Bliss Bell as Margot, who disposes of her unsatisfactory clients as quickly and easily as if she was taking out the bins, replying to her friend’s concerns with some fantastically brutal put-downs in a clipped French accent. Strong support was also given by fellow cast members Lucy Rothwell, Ellie Heydon, Tigger Blaize, Simona Bitmate, Will Coban, James Meteyard, Ashna Rabheru, and David Tarkenter.

Slickly directed by Alice Knight, this was an extremely enjoyable performance, and it would be brilliant to see it put on as a full production. Thank you to Siberian Lights for giving so much talent a chance to shine!


More information about Siberian Lights can be found at: http://www.siberianlights.co.uk/

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